27th- 29th October 2017
Microbiology in the New Millenium: from Molecules to Communities
General information
· Abstract submission to MNM 2017 is now open. Deadline for submission of Abstracts is August 31st (23:59 IST).
· Delegates who want to participate in MNM 2017 with submitted Abstracts (as Presenting Authors) need to download, fill-up, and upload the Abstract-form-cum-Template, which is a single MS Word file, via the specified links given at the bottom of this page. Please do not email or post it by surface mail.
· Any Delegate may become the Co-author of multiple Abstracts, but the Presenting Author of only one.
· Please do not convert/save the MS Word file format of the Abstract-form-cum-Template into any other format such as PDF.
· Within the Abstract-form-cum-Template, every Presenting Author must identify the MNM 2017 theme (from the list given in the About the Meeting page) which is most appropriate for his paper, and the presentation style (oral / poster / no preference) that they would prefer for their paper. Oral presentation time would be 15 min.
· Final selection will be done only after all abstracts have been received and reviewed by the Organizing Secretaries and the respective coordinators of the various themes of MNM 2017. Presenting Authors will be notified about the acceptance, and mode of presentation, of their Abstracts on or before September 15th (23:59 IST).
· All accepted Abstracts will be published in the MNM 2017 archive website.

Abstract style
Authors must use the Abstract Template provided on page 2 of the Abstract-form-cum-Template file to type or copy-paste the contents of their Abstracts. The style-specifications described below must be adhered to, and the size of the Abstract (including display items, if any) kept confined to the two columns of the single-page Abstract Template.
· Please do not alter the margins, or the font-type (Times), to which the Abstract Template is already formatted.
· Enter the title of the Abstract by clicking on the specified line and replacing it with your title. This should be in title case, and should not have punctuation at the end. Please maintain the font size of 12 in this line.
· Enter the Authors' names in the next click-box. If there is more than one address for the Authors, the names should be followed by a superscripted number to indicate the relevant address. Please maintain the font size of 11 for this line. Name of the Presenting Author should be underlined.
· Enter Authors’ Institutional addresses (in brief) and email addresses in the next click-boxes. Email addresses should be given within brackets. Please maintain the font size of 11 for these lines. Avoid using more than one address line for any Author. Avoid providing dual Institutional addresses for any Author.
· Enter the body of the Abstract in the next click-box. Please maintain the font size of 11 all through. For text use the style BODY TEXT (11 pt plain). For section headers, if any, use the style SECTION HEADING (11 pt bold). Citations should be indicated by a number in square brackets for example: [1].
· For References use the style REFERENCES (9 pt plain) and the format:
[1] Bose, Newton & Einstein (2017), Nature 99, 1234-1245.
· All References should constitute a single paragraph, which in turn should be put at the end of the text.
· Display items, if any, should be placed after the References. Display items should preferably fit into a single column of the Abstract Template; double-column display items should be text-wrapped in such a way that they share the Abstract Template page evenly with the text.
· If the Abstract needs the insertion of any figure it must be first saved in JPEG format with 300 dpi resolution and then inserted as a picture.

Poster Specification
· Poster presenters selected on the basis of submitted Abstracts should bring their own posters, which should have the following dimensions:
Height 4 feet (121.92 cm)
Width 3 feet (91.44 cm)
· Thumbtacks/tapes/pins etc. for pasting the poster will be available at the venue.
· Poster presentations should include: Title, Complete Authors list, Authors’ institutional addresses, a short Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusion / Discussion.
· Poster presenters should make themselves available for discussion on their poster during the entire poster-session.
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