Microbial metabolism, enzymology and regulation
27th- 29th October 2017
Microbiology in the New Millenium: from Molecules to Communities
Metabolism adverts to all the biochemical process that occurs in a cell or organism. Microbe as biological entity, thrive in all parts of the planet including hostile environments being the first to get exposed to all sorts of environments, have evolved many efficient mechanisms including metabolism to combat associated stresses. The study of microbial metabolism centring on the chemical diverseness of substance oxidations and dissimilation reactions that leads to energy generation. Also within the scopes of bacterial metabolism, uptake and exploitation of the inorganic or organic compounds facilitates growth and maintenance of a cellular stable state. The capableness of microbial cells to live, function, and replicate in an appropriate chemical milieu and the chemical changes that result during this transformation represent the scope of bacterial metabolism. Over the last decades, biochemistry has become so successful at explaining living processes that now almost all areas of the life sciences from botany to medicine to genetics are engaged in biochemical research. Today, the main focus of microbial metabolism is on understanding how biological molecules, primarily enzymes give rise to the processes that occur within living cells. Again with respect to metabolic enzymes, the regulations of gene expression, a highly complex process in which numerous different factors play critical roles. With the recent surge in the development of omics technologies, researchers have generated vast amounts of data describing the contribution of these factors to control gene activity. A combination of quantitative analysis and experimental research is therefore crucial to draw a complete picture of gene regulation.
The session arranges a podium for discussion on the following inter-related topics:
· Microbial metabolism of health hazard pollutants.
· Molecular characterization of metabolic pathways: Genomic and proteomic approaches
· Enzymology and biochemistry
· Industrial enzymology and biocatalysis
· Environmental biotechnology
· Recombinant DNA technology
· Regulation in controlling metabolic pathways
· Regulatory network as biomarker

Hideaki Nojiri
The University of Tokyo
Victor de Lorenzo
Centro Nacional de Biotecnología
Potential Invited Speakers:
Apart from the following speakers, a handful number of international and national speakers have in principle agreed to attend the conference. A complete list of speakers will be updated shortly.
Coordinator: Tapan Kumar Datta
J. Gowrishankar
CDFD, Hyderabad
Sanjay Swarup
National University Singapore
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