Microbiome and Metageneomics
27th- 29th October 2017
Today we are at an exciting threshold of biology. Advances in DNA sequencing, coupled with high-end computation, are unfolding a frontier in innovative knowledge. Among others microbiome and metagenomics are the two facets of one of the most emerging fields of research. The microbiome comprises the entire collection of microorganisms in a specific niche while metagenomics is the study of genetic material recovered directly from microbiota present in a particular habitat. Today, microbiome studies touch every facet of our modern scientific program-from medicine, surgery, and epidemiology, to agriculture, biotechnology, computer science, and ecosystem science. Microbiome research activities involved studies of the basic biology of microbiomes, such as community structure and function, the role of the microbiome in host, habitat or ecosystem health and the relationship between microbiome properties and the properties of the host or surrounding microbial communities. Applied studies of the microbiome and metagenomics include characterization of functional modules of biotechnological importance, modulation or intervention studies to treat or prevent disease, the effect of stressors on the microbiome, and the role of the microbiome in emerging disease, zoonotic infections and antibiotic resistance. Importantly, DNA-based data from microbiomes are not the only data deemed necessary, the respondents need to evaluate multiple functional properties of a microbiome, including the ability to measure the transcriptomes, proteomes, lipidomes and metabolomes of microbiomes in a spatial and temporal context.
The session arranges a podium for discussion on the following inter-related topics:

Microbial diversity in unexplored ecological niches
Functional metagenomics of soil, water and air
Host microbiome interaction
Gut microbiota and health
Microbial pathogenesis and antibiotic resistance
Discovery of novel pro-genes with unknown function
Microbiome-driven host Immune response

Coordinator: Tapan Kumar Datta
Microbiology in the New Millenium: from Molecules to Communities
Confirmed Speakers
Niranjan Nagarajan
A*STAR University Singapore
Yogesh S. Shouche
NCMR, Pune
Javed N. Agrewala
IMTECH, Chandigarh India
Hemant J. Purohit
NEERI, Nagpur
Subrata K. Das
ILS, Bhubaneswar
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