27th- 29th October 2017
Coordinators: Joyoti Basu and Manikuntala Kundu
Microbiology in the New Millenium: from Molecules to Communities
Tuberculosis (immunology, pathogenesis and virulence)
The sessions on Mycobacterium tuberculosis will provide a platform for discussions on cutting edge research on the immunology of tuberculosis and on basic understanding of the physiology and metabolism of the bacterium. This meeting will provide the opportunity for scientists engaged primarily in investigating the biology of the bacterium to interact with those with more host-focused interests. Recent developments of translational potential will also be highlighted in this meeting. As an outcome of the meeting, we hope that researchers will gain an appreciation of the most important questions in the field of tuberculosis pathogenesis and prevention, and set up new collaborations cutting across disciplines.
Confirmed Speakers
Immunology of tuberculosis
Lalita Ramakrishnan, University of Cambridge, UK
S. Vijaya,
IISc, Bangalore
Santosh Chauhan,
Institute of Life Sciences, Bhubaneswar, India
Amit Singhal
A*STAR University,
Sanjeev Khosla
CDFD, Hyderabad

Molecular biology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Anil Ojha
University of Albany,
New York, USA
Jaya Tyagi
AIIMS, Delhi, India
Ramandeep Singh
THSTI, Faridabad
Ashwani Kumar, IMTECH, Chandigarh
Neeraj Dhar, EPFL,
Lausanne, Switzerland
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