27th- 29th October 2017
Microbiology in the New Millenium: from Molecules to Communities
Ion NGS Workshop


A technical workshop on High Throughput 16S rRNA Gene Sequence-based Metagenomics will be conducted by
MNM 2017, under the guidance of Applied Biosystems, Thermo Scientific, at the Central Instrument Facility of Bose Institute Unified Campus, immediately after the Conference (on October 30th and 31st 2017). For practical reasons, the workshop will be limited to a maximum of 25 attendees. Students are especially encouraged to participate.

Tentative program schedule


10.00 AM - 10.45 AM - Introduction to Metagenomics workflow
10.45 AM - 01.00 PM - Purification of PCR amplified 16S rRNA gene fragments
01.00 PM - 02.00 PM - Lunch Break
02.00 PM - 04.30 PM - PCR QC, Quantification and template set up


10.00 AM - 11.00 AM - Enrichment
11.00 AM - 01.00 PM - Sequencing set up
01.00 PM - 02.00 PM - Lunch Break
02.00 PM - 04.00 PM - Data Analysis (on data generated earlier)
04.00 PM - 04.30 PM - Discussion and wrap-up


Participants for this workshop would be chosen on the basis of their current research concerns/undertakings centered on Metagenomic solution/revelation of Microbial Ecological problems/phenomena.

Aspiring participants, after having successfully registered to the MNM 2017, should send their request on or before
September 30th (23:59 IST) via an e-mail (from their unique identifier email ID) to mnm2017@jcbose.ac.in with the Subject line “Request for Participation in Ion NGS Workshop”. A one-page write-up summarizing how the candidate’s current research concerns/undertakings would be benefited from this workshop should be attached with the email.

Final selection will be done only after all applications have been received and reviewed by the
MNM 2017 Secretariat. Applicants will be notified about their selection on or before October 15th (23:59 IST).

Chosen candidates
would not be required to pay any additional fee for participating in this workshop.
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